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Restore Florida's Sovereignty

We Face a Delimma

The common law rights, which the federal Bill of Rights aimed to protect, have been eroded or abrogated, and what rights remain live on in mortal peril. Our efforts at liberty, freedom and self-rule are stymied at every turn by federal legislation, regulation and politically correct commandments.

Our beloved Florida has been taken over by those alien to our Southern culture and bring with them baggage detrimental to our well-being.

Reconstruction, carpetbagging and flawed educational practices have led us down the path to undesireable results.

We need your help! The price of freedom isn't cheap. The cost is high to promote freedom and lobby our politicians to act in our favor. To protect ourselves and return liberty and freedom to Florida, we must chart a different course by making an impassioned appeal for her sovereignty to our State Legislature to protect us from the oppression of D.C.

With this in mind, we MUST now concentrate ALL our efforts toward that appeal. So, rather than using valuable time moaning, groaning, fussing and complaining about the Empire and asking our citizens to depend on 535 total strangers in Washington City for our fate, our resources should be expended in pressing our state lawmakers and all candidates for legislative office to pass and uphold legislation favourable to our Southern culture and to the sovereignty of our Great State. Our Legislators in Tallahassee were elected for our protection and are the only ones standing between the citizens of Florida and the opressive government in D.C.

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A Contribution to Your Freedom

You can make a quarterly or semi-annual pledge or you can simply make a one-time annual donation for the amount you wish to pledge.

This project has been determined to have great merit and thus will prove successful in getting us out from below the radar and into the eye of the Southern public. We are asking you to make a pledge today.

Currently we are raising money for a special advertising project. This campaign will help us promote our message of state sovereignty and independence for Florida.

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